* Go Delivery is only available in Metro Manila and Rizal.
Mocha Caramel Cake P327
Chocolate Popcorn… P17
Tres Leches P565
Strawberry Delight… P540
Polvoron Mallows P33
Dog Cake P195
Cat Cake P195
Chunky Chocolate… P560
Rainbow Cake P520
Choco Covered Polvoron… P53
Classic Polvoron… P45
Carnival Theme… P573
Duo Marble Layered… P467
Marble Chiffon P316
Chocolate Chiffon P326
Classic Mocha Chiffon P311
Coffee Crumble… P477
Classic Mocha Roll P279
Brazo De Mercedes… P326
Classic Polvoron P199
Classic Brownies P228
Chocolate Roll P190
Chicken Pie P43
Chiffon Cake Slice P24
Cheesy Ensaymada P26
Fluffy Mamon P20
Caramel Popcorn P25
Pinipig Polvoron P122
Assorted Polvoron P32
Ube Polvoron P122
Cashew Polvoron P122
Classic Polvoron P199
Coffee Crumble… P122
Cookies N' Cream… P122
Peanut Polvoron P122
Chocolate Bouquet
Fresh Pastillas P56
Macapuno Candy P48
Sampaloc Candy P48
Butter Macaroons P105
Eggpie P226
Hopia P66
Sugar-free Chocolate… P33
Sugar-free Mamon P30
Choco Crinkles P44
Chocolate Chip… P44
Raisin Oatmeal… P44
Promise Wedding… P4,000
Romance Wedding… P7,000
Vow Wedding Package P6,500
Tropical Elegance
True Love
Greatest Love
Heart's Promise
Light Of My Life
Mosaic Dreams
Alegria Happily…
Classic Elegance
Graceful Embrace
Marching On
Stack Of Success
Tomorrow's Star
Starting Off
Turning 18
Modern Elegance
Roses And Ribbons
Classic Debut
Debutante With…
Elegant Debut
New Arrival
Sweet Angel
Angel On A Crib
Bassinet Baby
Heaven Sent
Rocky Road P509
Triple Delight P443
Jungle Safari Themed… P600
Luscious Caramel… P477
Marble Chiffon P485
Mocha Chiffon P311
Creamy Quezo Ube… P477
Fruity Cakes P553
Choco Chiffon P500
* Prices may vary according to location.
* Prices may change without any prior notice.
* Additional disclaimer: Actual food presentation in stores may vary.